Broadway Electronics: When Competitor Steals Your Traffic

Broadway, is a popular electronics retailer in Hong Kong. Recently, a survey found that it is one of Hong Kong’s top brands along with I.T and Ocean Park. Popular brands often have positive effects online. No longer will clueless people be clueless. They know what they are looking for; users will not search for “LCD monitor TV” and instead will do a “Sony Bravia”. The same is true for Broadway. If people know the brand they will use it instead of “electronic shop in Hong Kong” and wade through a variety of lower quality results.

However, when I tried a search for “broadway Hong Kong” its competitor shows up. What!??

Broadway Electronics: When Competitor Steals Your Traffic

Broadway Electronics: When Competitor Steals Your Traffic

As the screen capture shows up, Fortress website listing occupies the first two results and leaves searchers no choice but to go to its website.

What’s the problem? It’s either Broadway doesn’t care to put up a website or its existing website is simply unreachable to search engines that is why it doesn’t show up even for a phrase that is intended to this favorite brand. While I don’t think people who get directed to Fortress buy stuff there (they’d probably compare prices and decide to go to one of its shops if no comparable pricing alternative is found), it is also a missed online opportunity for Broadway to promote its brand.

What’s more, Broadway in Hong Kong is not only synonymous to electronics in Hong Kong. Broadway Circuit, a name that can easily be misunderstood as the formal name of the electronic shop, is in fact a cinema website. Another photo supplier named Broadway and a custom tailor company could probably complicate things.

What would you do then if a customer looks for you and searches your name. However since you can’t be found, they turned to your competitor. If your brand doesn’t show up on search results (for related queries) probably they see your competitors. Being a top brand is not enough for Broadway.