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Finnair Twitter Ads: Language Matters

Twitter has now aggressively pursued Twitter users — at least in my experience as a user since April 2007 — to advertise..

What Not to Do When You Unsubscribe ‘Members’

As hard it may be to encourage people to subscribe to one’s newsletters, it’s very easy to lose them via that unsubscribe..

Right to Be Forgotten

While many of us wish to be remembered: our birthdays, as the first to break the 10-minute staying underwater without breathing limit or..

Facebook Free Advertising is Over

If you are hoping to ride the popularity of Facebook and try to gather as many fans as possible to get as much exposure as possible,..

Why Facebook Acquired WhatsApp

I woke up to a news alert from both BBC and New York Times about the announced acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. Why I devoted time to..