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Finnair Twitter Ads: Language Matters

Twitter has now aggressively pursued Twitter users — at least in my experience as a user since April 2007 — to advertise..

Japan Quake, Tsunami and PR Disasters

The massive quake that shook Japan, along with the tsunami it generated, and the potential nuclear meltdown, has both devastated a..

How To Breakup With Twitter Followers

Breaking up is hard to do? Maybe not in Twitter where followers of an account can easily remove themselves from a boring, intrusive or..

11 Things I Hate About Twitter

1. People sending direct message (DM) after I follow them After I follow someone, I immediately get this direct message thanking me for..

Twitter Notification Suggestion: Add Tweet Info

If you’re a Twitter user, you should be getting a notification whenever someone follows you (unless you remove this feature in its..