Basic Baidu SEO Tips From Baidu Specialist

Besides the issue with language among non-Chinese speakers, optimizing for Baidu can be a tough one since it doesn’t necessarily apply the same knowledge we

Baidu Further Ahead in China Search Market Share in Q4 2010

Without a legitimate contender to its throne, it isn’t surprising that Baidu is taking a tighter grip of its dominance in the Chinese search market

Baidu Starting to Reap Gains of Google’s China Exit

It did not take long for Baidu to show everyone it benefited from Google’s widely publicized departure from China operations earlier this year. The Chinese

Google, Yahoo, Bing Lost Search Engine Market Share in China in 2009

Even before the highly publicized news about Google’s bold plan to produce uncensored search results in China, its popularity in the mainland has been dwindling.

Baidu Hacked by “Iranian Cyber Army”

China’s top search engine has been hacked Tuesday by alleged members of a pro-Iranian government group, according to state media. The group which identifies itself