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Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA

I just arrived home from the free SEO seminar conducted at the Hong Kong University Alumni Association at Yip Fung Building in D’Aguilar Street in Central’s Lan Kwai Fong area. I am glad Belle at BeansBox is an alumna of HKU, so we had access to the venue, which is a very convenient location, just a stone’s throw away from the BeansBox office. About 40 of the 64 confirmed participants attended, which made the event a standing room only for half of the participants.

My slides (you can see them all in the attachment below) were composed of technical and content issues regarding making web pages visible in search engines. The crowd asked intelligent questions about about basic and intermediate topics.

I met old colleagues and friends and met new friends as well. I guess I’ll have more contacts in FaceBook, Twitter and take time to revisit LinkedIn again.

Special thanks to Belle for organizing the whole thing, providing for the shirts, securing the venue, introducing the seminar to friends and introducing me to the audience. Thanks Bill for the assistance on setting up the venue so as to maximize space for everyone. Thank you Dennis for the wonderful graphics used in the presentation, SEO workshop logo and the shirt design. Thanks to BeansBox guys Tim, Gordon and Pippen for the mock presentation comments. It’s great to work with you all.

And to everybody who came over, it was nice sharing search engine optimization with you. We hope to hold another seminar to marketers, website owners and stake holders next time.

Here are some of the photos of tonight’s event. More photos at FaceBook event page.

Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA

Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA

Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA



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11 thoughts on “Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA

  1. Alex Hau

    Hey sorry I missed it as well, looks like a successful event! Congratulations and hope to see another one from you soon.

  2. Andrew Lee

    Hi Elmer, looks like an excellent event you held last night. I took a look at your slides and it's very useful. Sorry I didn't hear about your event until too late.


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