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I am developing a new section which I hope would be helpful to everyone. As I perpetually scan my Google Reader I find interesting articles which I thought I’d be sharing. But instead of sharing it at Google Reader, I’d like to share it in this blog, where I think and hope more people can access.

Talking about jobs, a survey by 2008 Universe IDEAL(TM) Employer shows that more undergraduates are interested in landing a job in Google (17.1%). Other top companies desired by this group include Walt Disney (13%) and Apple (10%). The popularity of Google as an ideal workplace for undergraduates undeniably becomes a headache for Microsoft, which took a full page ad at San Jose Mercury News. Exodus of talents from Yahoo! on the other hand doesn’t seem to end. After high profile departure of known personalities such as Jeremy Zawodny and Jeff Weiner, more executives are departing the Sunnyvale-based search engine giant.

Over at Web Analytics, it’s been a year since Google Analytics did that much-needed revision of its interface. I still remember what the old interface looked like but Google puts in some screen shots for those who did. We know that Google did more than just cosmetic change; it now features internal search tracking, benchmarking, new tracking code and several other new features were introduced in the past 12 months. All for free!

WordPress developers, DaveN has an idea for a WordPress theme. He termed it as evil but I think it’s a trick that doesn’t necessarily mean too bad if it is properly documented. A wrongly formed URL means good news for the its creator.

Last but not the least Stephan Spencer, whose writings I really admire, has a list of Social Media hacks you may wanna try soon. Includes Wikipedia, Digg, StubleUpon and others.


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  1. 1

    I thought the undergraduate employer post was particularly interesting. The article cited that "work-life-balance" was one of the aspects of that was a top concern.

    The funny thing is, every single person I know who works at Google has no life. Not to take anything away from those who work at Google, but all too often people cite the 20% time and how great it is that the employees get to work on whatever they want during that time.

    In actually, that 20% time ends up adding to your normal work and you're actually working 120% time.

    Google keeps you tethered to at all times.

    8:00 AM A Googler wakes up and waits for the Google Bus to take him to Mountain View.

    8:00 – 9:00 AM Googler uses the wifi on the Google Bus to SSH into his/her box to being work.

    9:00 AM Googler walks in through the front door and grabs a Naked Juice on the way in.

    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Googler continues to work or have meetings

    12:00 PM Googler eats lunch in fancy cafe on the Google Campus

    12:45 PM Googler goes back to work

    6:00 PM Googler begins working on 20% time

    7:30 PM Googler goes to eat dinner at one of the few cafeterias that are still open on the Google Campus

    8:30 PM Googler rides bus home, during which he/she SSH into his/her box to continue to Map/Reduce

    9:30 PM Googler arrives home and plays WoW or reads XKCD until bed time…

    Rinse and Repeat.

    To me, that's not work life balance. In addition, in the summer you can stay even later and do your laundry on campus and what not. But really… where is the life other than Google, and where is the balance.

    Google is a great company, but you have to ask yourself… why are all the high profile, top engineers and product managers jumping ship …

  2. 2

    Showing nice photos of Googleplex could significantly contribute to the desire of these youngsters. Microsoft nor Yahoo! is very open to showing their fancy offices, massage rooms or swimming pools (if they have these facilities).

    I agree with you, one can't avoid asking the question about high profile Googlers leaving the company.

  3. 3

    Google is definitely one that shows off their digs more than their competitors. The corporate culture definitely promotes a more playful atmosphere.

    However, I do enjoy visiting Yahoo from time to time, because of their free coffee bar. For Yahooligans, Coffee is a Right, not a privilege.

    And well Microsoft… their campus is definitely much more impressive than Googles just from the sheer magnitude of size, but they've got a bit more of a grown up culture there. But there definitely games and recreations around the campus if you ever need a break.

    For some laughs check out ValleyWag's, Top 10 Worst workplaces in Tech.

  4. 4

    I actually saw that link before and realized that behind the hype and glamor of these high profile companies, someone has to do the dirty work.

    I wonder why Yahoo! and Microsoft don't flaunt their offices as a way to attract talents as much as Google does.

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