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Google Penalizes BMW and Ricoh Germany

Google pulled German domain of carmaker BMW from its search engine results pages due to an apparent violation of Google policies on setting up doorway pages on web sites.

A doorway page is a page that is overly optimized that it mostly contains text and links aimed to trick search engines of its importance. Just before the page is loaded into the browser it redirects to another page which is normally seen by visitors.

In this case the site was serving two menus for two different clients which should not be.

Though the company insists it has done nothing wrong, the verdict is already out and the penalty readily served. In an age where search engine results matter more than it did in the past, the recent blacklisting of deals a big blow to its search engine marketing campaigns, albeit only affecting Google.

I checked Web Position Gold ( and it is still blacklisted. It is reported that is to bear the same penalty shortly. I wonder if BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany sought the help of one single SEO company.


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