Web Analytics Services in Hong Kong

An important aspect of implementing any online marketing is the ability to track results and establish trends based on accurate web analytics measurement. Business decisions need the backing of solid facts based on thorough analysis of measurable data instead of guesswork.

For any business venturing online, it is important to determine which marketing channel is delivering results. We need to identify the source of those visitors who successfully made a conversion on our website. This could be in the form of software download, send an enquiry or made a purchase. We then need to calculate how much it costs to make a conversion for each of these channels and determine which of them yields the highest return on your marketing investment.

SEO Hong Kong's web analytics service helps businesses and individuals identify measurable metrics within their websites and setup web analytics measurement tools to unlock visitor behavior and make necessary adjustments to achieve your business goals. By setting up web analytics on our website properly, we make informed and sound business decisions through answering questions like the following:

  • How much did it cost me to get a visitor from search engine or affiliate visit my site and make a purchase?
  • Which channel delivers the best return on investment (ROI)?
SEO Hong Kong offers the following services:
  • Web analytics consulting (selection, installation, more)
  • Web analytics tracking (Google Analytics, Hitbox, Omniture Site Catalyst, WebTrends)
  • Key Performance Indicator development
  • Business analysis and recommendations from web analytics reports
  • Staff training for web analytics users
SEO Hong Kong provides you these services with ease of convenience, reliability and cost effectiveness.

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