23 Signs You Need A Break from Search Marketing

Call me a copycat but I am inspired to do my version after I saw the 21 signs you need a break from SEO by Small Business SEM.

You think you’ve got too much search engine optimization/marketing (SEO/SEM) on your mind? Take the following survey honestly to gauge if you need a break from SEM. All items are answerable by Yes or No.

  1. You mention the acronyms SEO and SEM half the time you spent on a prospect or a client.
  2. You keep on trying to get a reputable domain name that contains “seo”, “searchengine”, “search” or “sem” after several failed attempts.
  3. You spend 20% of your day reading SEOMoz, SERoundtable, Search Engine Land, SEO Book and Search Engine Watch.
  4. You spend another 20% responding to forums at DigitalPoint, Cre8asite, Search Engine Watch, High Rankings, WebmasterWorld and V7N.
  5. Further, you spend 15% providing feedback to Matt Cutts, Aaron Wall, Yahoo! Search Blog, MSN Live Blog and Google Blog.
  6. Which leaves you only 45% of your day to attend to client requests, SEO projects, meals, shower and sleep.
  7. Everytime you look at SideStep, Kayak, Expedia or Orbitz, you only look for good deals for areas where Search Engine Strategies, SM Expo and other high-profile SEO conferences.
  8. At one point you think you can change your name to some Korean variation.
  9. S, E, M and O on your keyword, er, keyboard malfunction or rearrange the letters. (Sorry for the repetition)
  10. You associate the length of your wife’s pregnancy with Google sandbox.
  11. You join the zoology bandwagon and think of an SEM-related pet such as feline SEO or SEMonster theme and hope you can easily get links from graywolf and randfish.
  12. You imagine how many inbound links will the URL embedded on your business card get if you meet 100% of all people you hand them to.
  13. There are at least 65 search terms you query in Google, 48 in Yahoo!, 22 in MSN and 17 in Ask on a typical day.
  14. You can easily recognize who is Mike Grehan, Eric Schmidt, Larry Semel, Vanessa Fox, Barry Schwartz, Danny Sullivan, Priyank Garg, Robin Li, John Battelle and Jim Lanzone.
  15. You are so picky when it comes to web host selection and freak out when you hear someone say “click here“.
  16. You think people are joking when they preach about increasing PageRank value and argue whether is SEO is science or art.
  17. Sitemap means sitemap.xml much more to you than the conventional web site table of contents.
  18. You closely monitor industry-related bickerings and flamings and not celebrity gossips.
  19. You constantly remind your scripting team that it’s not alt tag but an alt attribute.
  20. You give a new meaning and importance to the often neglected raw web log files.
  21. You think crawling is done by robots and not by insects and Spiderman.
  22. You engage in healthy discussion defining what is the difference between SEO and SEM.
  23. You dream about flying through the search box or seeing your most beloved search phrase hit numero uno on search results pages.

If you said “yes” more than 15 times, you might need to go offline for a week. (But then again you might also be bombarded with tons of emails when you return.)

If you said “yes” 10-15 times, you might need to go for a short adventure to the remote Amazon Basin or the Himalayas, where Wifi connections range from remote to none. (Read: give your PC a break.)

If you had “yes” for an answer to less than ten situations, do no dramatic change. You’re still the same as me and probably most other people.

Note: This is not meant to be an insanity check for SEO professionals.