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3-6 Months To Rank SEO Sites is False: Matt Cutts

A lot of misconceptions occur in SEO. This isn’t surprising at all to me because we have different experiences with SEO and within these experiences sometimes we can easily associate them with certain theories that may not be true at all.

Google’s Matt Cutts had an interview with USA Today at Googleplex’s building 43. He discussed basic topics about optimizing pages, including keyword selection, use of meta description and page title. He also touched points on link development. Blogging is one great example of drawing audience to know more about the business, share same thoughts and eventually link to these blog entries.

Matt also admits that Google refreshes its index every month so that we don’t have to wait for three months after certain SEO implementations were made. But of course, often times we don’t see much changes after three months because we have not yet covered many other aspects of SEO. So after performing on-page search engine optimization, let’s move on with link development, providing compelling and unique content and other advanced methods.


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