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4 Ways How You Can Earn Money on Twitter

4 Ways How You Can Earn Money on Twitter

If you’re an emerging Twitter super user and wish to make money off your time spent on this popular microblogging platform, here are ways you can accomplish this.

1. Indirectly promoting your e-commerce sites elsewhere. Twitter isn’t an e-commerce platform, at least not yet, so it’s not (yet) possible to make money within it. Yet, if you have established quite loyal following on Twitter, you can wield your influence to draw them to your other online properties like an Ebay store, Etsy account or Magento- or WooCommerce-powered WordPress website where they can make purchases. You can extend your reach by searching for relevant tweets or hashtags.

2. Affiliate links. If you don’t sell products online, you can help other businesses through affiliate links depending on type of content you tweet. For example you can help drive traffic to Amazon through Amazon Associates if you are fond of recommending products, promote web hosting providers for online marketing and web development, or hotel bookings through Agoda on a travel-centric Twitter account. You don’t get paid unless a transaction is consummated but your influence can help close transactions especially by searching for tweets seeking for product recommendations and services and replying to their questions.

3. Get paid to promote others. If you have plenty of followers and generate high volume of engagement, you can be viewed as an effective endorser. Search for appropriate partner at SponsoredTweets.

Whether you promote someone else’s account who wish to gain more followers or some brand’s latest product release — best coupled with discounts or special offers — you don’t have to be a celebrity to command a respectable income just by mentioning a product or endorse someone’s services, and get paid for doing so. Such parties asking for your help may not even require sales conversion coming from your endorsements; a mere mention and good word can generate positive PR and good brand exposure.

4. Other link referral services. Unlike item #2, these may be lesser known and less organic — they may have a say on what your posts might look like and your overall online behavior. For example, as a MyLikes Influencer, you make money by recommending a brand with messaging that is tailored to your social media followers using “machine learning and artificial intelligence” to make a more engaging post. Embed your link on a scheduled Twitter post (or other social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook or Tumblr) and advertisers can insert ads. You will be paid based on the number of clicks generated on your posts.

You can also try Adly which asks you to send out advertisements through your tweets. You create a personal profile of your interests and advertisers can browse depending on relevance of ads to advertise their campaign.

There is no surefire way to make money on Twitter unless you have built a reputation to earn the attention of followers who are target of advertisers and pay you money to act on their behalf. Or have another business online you wish your Twitter account to complement. It might take a longer time if you’re just starting out, unless you are a notable personality, but if you are already involved in Twitter for quite sometime, these recommendations could just be low hanging fruit you need to start exploiting to add another revenue stream from your online activities.


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