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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing

I hope you read my previous post about the advantages of performing search engine marketing in-house. It highlights cost and long term benefits. But what about short-term and best results? Why don’t we take a look at the advantages of handing our search engine marketing to vendors or agencies.



Experience and expertise
Search engine marketing is a specialized field and experience plays a great role in achieving success. Therefore, agencies have the edge over first-timers when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of organic or paid search. We don’t want to waste time (organic search requires considerable amount of time) and money (every paid search click means money) experimenting, right?

Less time to setup
Assuming a newcomer in the office is tasked to optimize a site or launch a paid search campaign. No doubt there will be a period of adjustment and learning curve can be a steep for uninspired staff. With lots of trial and errors, time becomes the most valuable currency lost. With agencies at helm, setup gets done on time.

No need to hire internal staff
Because managing search engine marketing agencies does not require full-time commitment, there is no need to hire additional staff to get things done. This saves overhead costs the company wants to avoid.

Search engine marketing can be a labor-intensive task
If our staff leaves work at 7pm the earliest, you want to spare him/her the time supposed to be devoted for personal or family affairs. Adding the SEM task on his/her desk becomes a burden that affects his/her overall productivity. That’s why it’s better to leave it to the experts.

Staff can learn from SEM vendors
One of the main challenges of letting someone outside of the organization do SEM is the fact that it deprives in-house personnel of the chance to learn the craft. This is not true. Even while working with a third-party SEM agency, it’s possible to learn a lot and be able to handle the job in-house after the contract with the agency expires. Of course you have to pick the right vendor and not the wrong one to learn a lot.

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