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5 Tips on Improving AdWords Quality Score

Google AdWords Quality Score refers to Google’s mechanism for determining minimum cost per click (CPC) bid and measuring quality of ads and their relevance to click through rate (CTR) on Google, and the relevance of your ad text, keyword, and landing page.

For the unaware and uninformed, Google doesn’t rely only on bid cost in displaying ads. It uses Quality Score to determine whether an ad deserves to appear on a search result or within search or content network. The higher the Quality Score is, the more advantageous it becomes for our ads; this results to more prominent placement of our ads on search or content network.

Quality Score, in turn, considers several factors such as the ad’s historical click through rate, quality of landing page and keyword relevance, among others (someone said landing page load time but I can’t confirm this). So it’s possible for an ad to rank higher than another ad even if the bid cost is lower, as long as it has better Quality Score.

Now, as we see that the key to a favorable ad placement is the Quality Score, the question is how do we increase/improve our ad’s Quality Score?

Most of the following tips are not my ideas but from various sources I will cite later. However, from the list of tips provided, these are the ones I thought will work best to achieve the objective of improving Quality Score:

1. Create relevant ad copy for each group (Redfly Marketing)
Establish a theme for each ad group and ad content (keywords, display URL, ad text) within the group will adopt the theme through usage of chosen keywords.

2. Continuously perform A/B testing of ads (PPC Hero)
Even if Google AdWords shows “Great” Quality Score status, there is still room for improvement by continuously testing ads against each other and applying the winning formula. Of course, this requires us to set up multiple ads.

3. Get rid of bad keywords (Brent Hodgson)
As we eliminate low scoring ad copies on our A/B testing (manual or Google Website Optimizer), we should also consider eliminating non-performing keywords although Google does this automatically as well. A Google professional confirms this.

4. Link Building and SEO (Redfly Marketing)
This is a paid search campaign but organic search methodologies such as improving link popularity and keyword relevance of the landing page still apply. For example, placing ALT text on call to action buttons may help.

5. Identify which areas need improvement by clicking on “Details and Recommendations“. (SEO HK)
If we have done everything else but still end up with unsatisfactory Quality Score rating, then the details provided by clicking the magnifying glass symbol beside the keyword (see photo above) could hold the key.

What do you think of the list? Do you have other tips that you think should be included? Do let me know!


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