6 Tips When Outsourcing Link Building Campaigns

Link campaigns can be a very challenging part of an SEO campaign. No wonder there are lots of companies trying to outsource link building activities. This demand created companies that specifically do link building jobs. However, as with any other outsourcing jobs, there are tricky spots that come along with these client-vendor arrangements that are oceans apart in many occasions.

Search Engine Roundtable offers a variety of tips (from an SEO discussion thread) to those who plan to outsource their link building campaigns.

Do not pay in advance
Applies generally to all businesses and not just linking campaigns. Paying in advance gives the crooks a reason to hide from you and look for new victims, if that’s their main business.

Sign a contract
Specify tasks, define timelines and ensure both parties understand deliverables and accountability

Try to have exclusivity for your niche
It will be easy to recommend links that everyone knows, but that’s not what we pay them for. We’d like them to dig deeper in their search.

Force your SEO to not ask links from your competitors
This will not work so tell them not to get started with it. But sensible link builders will surely avoid this fruitless route.

Give them a real email from your domain name
This will enable them to use this e-mail if required. Some listings only accept entries if contact e-mail address used belongs to same domain name.

When possible, don’t outsource
If you’d like to save yourself the possible hassles and headaches or unsure about your outsourced link builder, stop right there. Unless it is recommended by a close friend, you may be in for trouble.