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SEO Search in 2001 and 2008

At the beginning of this month, Google took us back in time when it shared its oldest index database for us to see how “primitive” the search results were. We also observe the number
I don’t have a photographic memory but I guess the logo doesn’t look like the one they use in their 2001. Anyway, as search results would show, SEO is not a household name during those days. The term itself has many meanings (actually taken from the first page of the “seo” search query):

Google Search Results 2001

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia
Student Employment Office
Society of Education Officers
Schwartz Electro-Optics

Although we see that index database as ignorant (or shall we say innocent) to SEO, it doesn’t mean that the art and science of optimizing web pages for premium search engine results didn’t exist. It was just that the term used was search engine positioning, a term used by iProspect founder Fredrick Marckini in his book launched in the same year: Search Engine Positioning.

Obviously an outdated index produces outdated results so when I search for my name, it reminded me that I was fond of creating vanity domains and wasn’t very much concerned about privacy issues (one result pointed to a page that contained my detailed resume for everyone to see).

Google Search Results 2008

Anyway, the 2008 index is much more comprehensive, richer, and hopefully deliver better quality results than what we experienced in 2001.


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