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9 Tips From Google When Moving Sites

Sometimes we can’t avoid messing around with our site that it doesn’t only involve website revamp. Changes in corporate strategy such as getting acquired by another company, new business models and rebranding requires more than just cosmetic changes. It could also involve moving servers, changing domain names and so on. So in the process, certain aspects of SEO are affected. There are many tips circulating around the web but there’s nothing more authoritative source of advise to turn to than from search engines who translate the way we optimize our site through search engine visibility. Google, for example, gives nine tips to do when moving from one server to another.

This summary is taken from Search Engine Land.

  • Test moving part of your site to the new domain first.
  • Use 301 redirects to notify Google of the change.
  • Redirect your pages to the most relevant new page, when possible.
  • If you are rebranding your site also, maybe first move the original site and then do a redesign.
  • Make sure your internal links are pointing to the new domain.
  • Try to encourage external links to change to the new domain.
  • Hold on to old domain for 180 days
  • Register and verify the new site with Webmaster Tools and then submit a sitemap.
  • Review crawl errors within Webmaster Tools on both the new and old domain.


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