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A Day In The Life Of An SEO Guru

Decides to wake up after a couple of alarm clock snoozes. Realizes that he’s late for work, he decides to skip breakfast and just had quick shower, brush his teeth, dress up and zoom to work.

Reaches his desk and turns on his PC which was left on the whole night. The reason: Advanced Web Ranking has been measuring ranking of his client’s keywords. Quickly glances at the report and shrugs his shoulders when he doesn’t notice anything exciting on the rankings. He closes the application. Opens his Google Reader and quickly glances at Search Engine Marketing related articles. Marks a few of them for reference later.

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He prefers to open his browser and checks the Google Analytics data for half a dozen websites. Checks for the search engine referral curve. Hmm… not bad, the usual wave pattern is still observed. No spikes in direct traffic or any new conversion recorded, just like the whole of last week. Thinks this task has become more mundane by the day.

Checks his email. After getting notified by Twitter that he has five new followers, he wonders the total number of followers is the same as yesterday (he remembers it because he is into the Twitter ranking race at Twitterholic). Why would someone deliberately follow me and then deserts me, he asks. Were my tweets too boring?

He visits High Rankings and discovers that someone has posted a nasty, sick reply on what he thought was a sensible response on a question about social media optimization. He gets notified that Jill Whalen has responded to his earlier complaint at High Rankings. Jill simply rebuffed him. Left the forum for Digital Point where he receives even more flaming messages. Decides to call it a day at the SEO forums.

Visits TechCrunch and wonders how can Michael Arrington come up with numerous well-written, lengthy pieces of articles in such a short span of time. Checks out Valleywag for tech gossips and wonders why is Mark Zuckerberg perpetually bashed for his decision to alter Facebook design?

Visits SearchEngineland and Sphinn. Makes 3 Sphinns even if he didn’t read any of those three “Sphinned” articles.

Decides to go to the pantry as tummy goes berserk. Brings a cup of coffee on his desk.

He quickly peruses Digg and laughs at a video post about cute dogs dancing. He also drops by StumbleUpon and learns there are applications online that can handle what Photoshop and Flash can do.

His affair with StumbleUpon gets a rude awakening when receives an email from a client asking for an explanation on a document. He makes a realization and asks himself:

why did I ever make such recommendation?

Now he has to think of a good escape route to bail himself out of the mess.

Boss calls for a meeting. To the idiot mobile.. err, conference room. Discusses about new link building techniques and how to explain to a new client that ranking isn’t everything. Continuously fiddles around his iPhone and makes a Facebook status change… “is trapped in a prison but too poor to get out of here”.

Cool Badges
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Reviews a document on audience generation and discovery. Makes edits on his work yesterday. Finally, real work gets done. Not yet!

With half of the review work done, it’s time to check out tweets and RTs. He wonders Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki seemed able to tweet while they are asleep. They’re all over the place at any time of the day. Receives a reminder of a local event over the weekend.

Gets invited for lunch at the cafeteria.

Gets back to his desk trying to figure out how to salvage a productive day. Reads the day’s news at NYTimes and Wall Street Journal as a “break” from all SEO information that overloads his brain.

Can’t resist Twittering again, flirting with girls and trying to climb up in the Twitterholic ranking. Gets another email from the same client asking if they can have a conference call and discuss the questionable recommendation. He sweats upon hearing the request but makes a confident response that “sure, we can talk about that.”

Can’t resist all that SEO passion in his mind. Reads a series of blogs to feed the brain of the SEO guru: Google Analytics (plus Avinash Kaushik’s Occam Razor), Google Blog, Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Watch, SEO Book, SEO Moz. “I agree”, he concurs.

Gets to chat with colleagues at the pantry for a mid-afternoon break.

Roses are Red, Violets are BluePhoto credit: Fashionably Doomed

Finishes that review document and feels so proud about his accomplishments for the day.

Goes home and watch his favorite TV Shows: Heroes, American Idol, 24 and House.

Heads to the pub for some drinks with old buddies. Stays there until he gets too sleepy to lift a pint of beer. That’s about 1:30am. He goes to bed after setting the alarm clock to 7am.


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