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Ad at Marketing Interactive Website

This isn’t much about search engine optimization but basically this is about user experience. Once in a while I visit Marketing Interactive website because I like the fresh news that is interesting (not necessarily relevant) to me. However, one ad that annoys me is that one from Euro RCSG that mimics a medical instrument used to measure a patient’s heartbeat. While I am reading articles, the sharp tone of the “hearbeat” featuring the services of Euro RCSG Singapore. Just a bad ad with respect to user experience because it tries to captures the reader’s ears if not the eyes. Worse is that the ad doesn’t have a mute feature to stop a reader’s agony. I wonder if Euro RCSG did this on purpose. The only way I can get rid of the annoying noise is to leave the site.

Good thing I am not the one who felt that same agony. Somebody more proactive called the attention of the agency and the next time I visited the site, the ad doesn’t produce the beeping sound anymore.

Ad at Marketing Interactive Website


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