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How to Add User Access to Google Webmaster Tools Accounts

How to Add User Access to Google Webmaster Tools Accounts

When working with clients, it is common to access various Google reports using different accounts.

For example, if the client has already set up Google Analytics tracking for his website prior to working with me, he may grant me access using my Google Account. Doing so offers me convenience in using my account to log in without offering complications. That’s because an account used to access Google Analytics may also be used to access other applications such as email, photos, blogs and documents which client obviously doesn’t want me to access.

With that in mind, Google Analytics made it easier for us to add someone else’s account or our accounts be added by administrators who manage our sites. In the same light, Google Webmaster tools also offer a similar way of adding access to the diagnostic tools it offers to websites.

To add another person to access the Google Webmaster Tools reports, simply log in using your Google account and at the homepage, click the corresponding ‘Manage’ link found on the right side of the website you would like to grant this person access to.

On the verification details, add this person’s email address and click the ‘Continue’ button. Once his/her email address has been added, he or she can then proceed to log in at the using that address you just entered. He or she can then add the site after clicking the ‘Add a site’ button. Since the method of adding the account is through delegation (by you), there is no need to add code or upload a file into the server to verify site ownership of the new account.


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  • Claire on Oct 10, 2011 Reply

    Google Anlaytics and Google webmaster tools are very effective free tools to monitor the website.

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