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5 Advantages of Hiring In-House SEO Staff

You own a middle sized company with growing dependency in search marketing. You know your business has the potential to make it big so you thought hiring people to manage your marketing efforts would reap long term benefits. So you consider building an in-house search marketing team.


But at the same time, you also want to make sure that marketing campaigns that will be conducted soon are taking off in the right way. So you also consider hiring an experienced search marketing agency to help your company do the baby steps of online marketing.

Which one will you choose? Let’s examine the advantages of doing in-house and outsourced agencies.

You decide to hire someone to join your team to perform search engine optimization. Or you train someone (or send him/her to an SEO training) in-house.

1 Dedicated attention
The bad thing about agency doing your SEO campaign is that you are not the only client they might be serving at the same time. The amount of time dedicated to your account is sometimes compromised because the agency might have to address pressing needs of other clients. With in-house staff performing SEO, you are assured that your campaigns get the attention they deserve. You can imagine the distractions for an expert working in an agency managing multiple clients, problems, questions, and so on.

2 Long-term cost savings
Hiring in-house could save you marketing dollars in the long term. That’s because you are investing on your own resources. Provided your staff will stay with you for a long time, you save costs of hiring a specialty agency which charge much higher fees. Not to mention facing risks of outsourcing your campaigns to an unreliable vendor.

3 Quick response
A staff who reports daily to your office is easier to grab when we either have simple questions or serious findings than a “dedicated” account manager from an agency a few blocks away.

4 More familiar with how business operates
Business owners (and their employees) presumably know the ins and outs of how the business operates. Therefore certain decisions like changing bids for high and low turnover products keywords in paid search can be influenced on how familiar one is with the account he/she is managing.

5 Troubles of finding the right SEO agency
Partnering with a good SEO agency doesn’t always translate to successful SEO campaign, and Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz thinks the same way. Worse, finding a good SEO agency could even be a more daunting task. We have a list of signs of SEO scammers but I am sure it’s not enough.

These advantages of in-house over outsourced SEO might help you decide which rout to take but take a look at the other side of the coin later as I will post the advantages of hiring an agency or an expert individual to manage search marketing is a wise decision.

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