AdWords Allowing Superlatives?

Superlatives in AdWords Allowed?

Perhaps this was just a glitch the same way I noticed about misspelled ads before, but I still have to point out that Google’s AdWords guidelines and Learning Centre states that

Avoid Superlatives: If your ad contains the comparative or subjective phrases “best” or “#1,” verification by a third party must be clearly displayed on your website.


Superlative Claims: Superlatives are words that emphasise superiority. To make sure that users feel that they are being treated in an honest, credible manner, your ad text cannot contain comparative or subjective phrases such as ‘Best’ or ‘No.1’ unless verified by a third party. This verification must be clearly displayed on your website.

I strongly believe the guidelines still hold and this occurence is just a minor mishap within the AdWords advertising platform. What do you think?