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“Sucks” Ads: Google AdWords Seems To Agree?

Not all ads will be approved by Google AdWords for display. AdWords ensures that the advertisements are cleared of possible scams, false promises and delivery of illegal products or services.

In its content policy page, Google AdWords lists down items whose ads are disallowed or restricted within the Google ad network. This includes sale of alcohol and cigarettes, prescription drugs, counterfeit designer goods, sexual content and advocating against a person, group of persons or organizations.

In the last item I think a company like Asiaxpat qualifies in that category. But I wonder if an ad shown below left is qualified enough for display.

Asiaxpat Sucks: Google AdWords Seem To Agree

If this is just a glitch that should have been or already corrected, then the issue is close. However, up to what extent does a message like this be allowed, in case this is a (presumably) perfect fine ad copy?

For a clearer understanding of the Google AdWords Content Policy:

‘Anti’ and Violence

Don’t promote violence or advocate against a protected group.

Ad text advocating against any organization, person, or group of people is not permitted.

Advertisements and associated websites may not promote violence or advocate against a protected group. A protected group is distinguished by their:

* Race or ethnic origin
* Color
* National origin
* Religion
* Disability
* Sex
* Age
* Veteran status
* Sexual orientation/Gender identity

Google mentions about protected status. I see that none of those items above fit the characteristics of Asiaxpat as a company. So does it mean the ad is valid? If so, it could be alarming to see ads that antagonize certain products or companies with ads that show “HSBC sucks”, “Shangri-La sucks” or “Canon camera sucks”. What do you think?


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