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Awesome Site Is Always Better Than SEO’d Site

Awesome Site Is Always Better Than SEO’d Site

Instead of focusing too much on technicalities, I’d really focus on making sure that your site is the absolute best of its kind. Resolving technical issues is always a great idea, but it’s really even more important that your site itself is overall awesome. – Google’s John Mueller.

I am bringing up this topic because after all these years, I continue to receive inquiries for SEO services for websites that don’t present themselves well or lack clear vision of what they wish to accomplish through their online presence. For instance, someone asked me how his half-baked directory website should appear prominently on Google.

John Mueller. Photo credit:

John Mueller. Photo credit:

For many website owners, consultants are expected to do their magic (which I think is the reason some of us in the industry are labeled snake oil salesmen because of too much promise and do not deliver) without their cooperation.

Awesome sites are those that offer value to visitors — informative, comprehensive and useful. These are sites that make people think of bookmarking or sharing to friends. While I offer content strategy to aim for such objective, the lack of manpower, resources, or interest holds back a site from possibly becoming a better website.

Maybe SEO is not really necessary for sites that are already informative, comprehensive and useful. All an owner has to do is to ensure it is visible to Google (crawling and stuff). It’s a matter of time — shorter wait than others — they’ll rank.

But for us who think SEO is a shortcut to success, take Mr Mueller’s words by heart and change our mindset.


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