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Bad SEO Clients

Often times, we hear many reports of unscrupulous search engine optimization providers who just do nothing but suck client money and masquerade it with technical conversations peppering sentences with terms such as link popularity, backlinks, PageRank, redirection, mod_rewrite and so on. Often times when ranking don�t improve it�s the �gurus� who are labeled incompetent.

This seems quite unfair because in organic search engine optimization, the service providers can’t have all controls in search results. It’s at the mercy of the search engines on how they read each page and value links, content, etc. What if spam blogs are found in Yahoo! search results?

Honestly, it’s a matter of best practice SEO that will propel sites to have improved ranking, plus a busload of patient as these results will not happen overnight.

Take a look at the following signs. If you come across any of these, then you might be working for a bad client.

  1. Does not implement all SEO recommendations.
  2. Dictates what keywords they want to rank even if many of them are poorly targeted.
  3. Complains a month after implementation that SEO did not bring any significant change in rankings.
  4. Constantly overrides SEO guidelines every time a page update is done.
  5. Performs SEO tasks not recommended (e.g., buying links from free for all sites)
  6. Does not communicate properly and seems to doubt the capability of the SEO company.

Or if you are a client, you could be behaving the same way as any of the above. If so, then you’re not exactly the best client SEO companies want to work for.


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