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Baidu Closing Search Engine Advertising Bid Ranking System

According to ChinaTechNews notes that Baidu is now gradually phasing out its search engine advertising bid system that has been in operation for the past eight years. The news source reports that a professional version called “Phoenix Nest” will replace the current version.


Paid ads often mix with organic search results and only distinguished by a small sign on the right: 推广.

There has been confusion between general search results and paid search results and Baidu executives are aware of it. Search results for certain phrases are littered with a combination of natural and paid search results. Phoenix Nest intends to address the problem and hopes to eventually help advertisers implement better promotion of products and services in Baidu’s advertising platform.

Phoenix Nest doesn’t come without a set of challenges. Replacing the current system that has been around for eight years with a more complex one certainly requires users to need more time in getting used to the new functions. Therefore, instead of phasing out the current system in favor of Phoenix Nest, an integration between the two is considered instead.

It remains to be seen what impact this change brings in terms of Baidu user behavior compared to Google, for example.


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