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Baidu is Japan’s Fourth Most Popular Search Engine

Barely two months after it was launched,, the Japanese version of the dominant China search engine is already the fourth most popular search engine in Japan, based on the number of page views, as reported by China Knowledge.

Initiated just this year on January 23, was Baidu’s first overseas site. In the first month of its operations, it saw an increased PV volume. It also offered more time and web pages for the netizens than any of its competitors in Japan.

Baidu, which holds a 70% market share in China, had revamped its top page ( and expanded its Japanese language services to include blog searches in its quest to access the world’s second-largest economy.

The report did not mention which search engines are among the most popular in Japan.

Baidu said it plans to expand the business of the web site and in the meantime, employ local people to make it cater to the Japanese consumer to a larger extent.

Expansion plans include partnering Japanese mobile phone carriers to offer mobile-based searches. It is also considering entering Japan’s consumer e-commerce market, which would involve creating a direct sales team.

About 70% of Japan’s web surfers use two or more search engines, and Baidu had said earlier that it will aim to become the second search engine users turn to though no further details were furnished.


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