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Baidu Opens Entertainment Channel

Baidu, a leading search engine website in China, announced the opening of its entertainment channel – on Jan. 12, marking a step forward of the company’s development strategy to be a portal website.

The test version of the new channel has started operation on the 11th this month which still keep Baidu’s strongpoint – search function, but it also covers a great amount of information just like other portal websites.

Baidu aims to build a next-generation interactive entertainment platform based on its powerful search technology and large numbers of netizens, which proposed a slogan of Let People Lead Entertainment, the company said.

Besides its major business, Baidu has been expanding to other areas in the past year. It opened a game channel as well as a financial channel in September and November 2007 respectively, sources said.

Baidu plans to take more shares in online advertisement sector as the quota for a search website is quite limited, according to an industry insider.


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