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Baidu Provides Results for Bad Internet Requests

Baidu has now partnered with China Netcom Corporation (CNC) to provide results on bad web requests. This means that if someone types in a wrongly spelled URL, instead of showing “Server Not Found”, a customized results page will be shown through Baidu initiatives. This move is also similar to a typical 404 Error that if someone comes across a broken link or typed the wrong URL in an existing domain name, a custom error message will display.

This is slightly different from Google’s “did you mean…” way of suggesting search phrases for misspelled queries. And since Google only provides search results for users who go to and does not have the same control as an Internet service provider (ISP), it makes sense for an ISP like CNC to capitalize on its capabilities.

In Hong Kong, I don’t know if PCCW’s Netvigator — Hong Kong’s dominant Internet service provider — is thinking of doing the same thing and if is planning to do so, I am not sure which partner it would tap to do the service.

Baidu Provides Results for Bad Internet Requests

Back to the misspelled URLs thing, I hope that results will be related to the errors like similar domain name results as one section. Search terms related to the mistyped Internet address and maybe Baidu paid search listings for similarly written keywords. I am speculating because I haven’t seen any result and I can’t replicate such incident unless I am in China.

CNC is China’s has business interests in Beijing Municipality, Tianjin Municipality, Hebei Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Neimenggu Autonomous Region and Shanxi Province.

I think/suggest the “error” page would look like:

Internet Server Error: The URL you typed is currently down or does not exist. Please check if you typed ww.[misspelled domain name].com instead of www.[misspelled domain name].com.


You may be looking any of the following domain names:

[List all domain names not banned in China that are related to misspelled address]


Here are search results using the domain name you typed:

[List all search results using {mistyped URL with no extension .com or .net} as search term]


Sponsored ads:

[Baidu’s paid search ads based on {mistyped URL}]


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