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Baidu vs Google China Eye Tracking Research

Manoj Jasra of Enquiro Research reported that Enquiro has released a new eye research comparing the two search engines predominantly used by Chinese searchers ” Baidu and ” Enquiro conducted an eye tracking study with Chinese students to answer how Search user interaction can differ between cultures, languages and reading patterns.

How do Google and Baidu compare? And how do Chinese searchers use organic vs. paid listings?
Baidu vs Google China Eyetracking Research
The study can be downloaded here.

Other questions answered by the research study include:

  • Is search interaction unique to different cultures, languages, alphabets and reading patterns?
  • Which search engine do Chinese searchers prefer?
  • Do Chinese searchers view organic and sponsored listings in the same way that North American searchers do?

From Enquiro’s Manoj Jasra.


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