BarCamp Hong Kong 2011

For the first time since it was first held in Hong Kong in 2007, I will be joining BarCamp, a gathering of enthusiasts not necessarily like-minded but collectively embrace the culture of open learning.

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Described as “an ad-hoc “unconference” born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment”, BarCamp provides a platform for people to share, learn or both without the formalities quite common in organized conferences. That means you may a master of iPhone app development but nobody’s going to prevent you from sharing your passion for landscape photography. Predictably, I shared about search marketing in 2007.

The year-to-year growth has been phenomenal. From a mere 100 attendees and 30 sessions in 2007, last year’s session ballooned to 700 participants covering over 70 sessions that included topics intended for designers, startups, programmers, film makers, bloggers, investors and more. No wonder moving to a bigger space has become a common issue in the past four years.

Me in checkered shirt during BarCamp Hong Kong 2007.

I don’t think I need to remind you with 10 big reasons why you should attend. If you’re convinced, visit the BarCamp HK 2011 website to know more, and make sure you sign up and be counted.