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Ben & Jerry’s vs G2000 Web Watch at Marketing Interactive

A reprint from my contribution to Marketing magazine’s Web Watch published in May 2009.

Ben & Jerry’s ( *****
Ben & Jerry’s Hong Kong website offers more than just the obvious mouth-watering ice cream flavors. It showcases everything a curious ice cream fan wants to know about the company. From Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s humble beginnings in Vermont to its current worldwide presence, and from its serious commitment to the community to the funny sets of moo-themed games and e-cards, everything seems covered.


The transparency behind the company’s process of preparing ice cream helps promote the brand more than it exposes its “secret” ingredients.By showcasing Ben & Jerry’s community involvement and care for environment, an avid ice cream lover doesn’t feel too guilty when he or she gets another scoop.

Its navigation structure is simple and categorized to suit to different types of website visitors: ice cream fanatics, franchiseapplicants or just about everyone else. The website also sets an example of how to incorporate Flash elements into a web page properly. I wish websites looking for contents would look into Ben & Jerry’s for inspiration.

G2000 ( **

G2000 built a website to showcase the brand through its collection of suits and dresses, shop locations, among others. Looking at the graphic-rich homepage leaves one the impression that the website is a showcase gallery of its latest fashion releases. Instead, an unsuspecting visitor gets lost in a maze of rooftop views with dancing figures without ever getting into the image gallery.


The collection gallery page is loaded with an annoying musical background and perpetually loads at a speed enough to hypnotize the poor visitor. The news section doesn’t feature any news item. There seems to exist an over emphasis in the gallery, even if it’s evident the website also wants to disclose its corporate identity.

Overall, there is a lack of coherence and structure of content that it effectively hampers the website from achieving its objectives.


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