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Benefits of Joining Amazon Associates

Benefits of Joining Amazon Associates

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates is among the pioneers in the business, having launched in 1996.

Almost everyone with a website can join and like the general approach for affiliate marketing, the methodology is simple: sign up at Amazon Associates, look for appropriate product you mention in your website and, with your special tracking record in place, anyone who clicks the link, goes to and makes a purchase, you get a portion of the sales, even if the eventual purchase isn’t the product you originally endorsed/linked to.

Given Amazon’s massive resources that help convert casual visitors into making purchases, it is as though your job is half done when you drive traffic to Amazon.

Why you should sign up with Amazon Associates?

1. Amazon is a trusted brand.
There are many reasons why Google AdSense is a popular choice to earn revenue from websites. One of which is that Google is not only popular, it is also a trustworthy company that has integrity it cares a lot about.

This is the same case with Amazon. As one of the biggest online retailers out there, Amazon can survive without this affiliate program, but it chose to not to take advantage of bloggers who refer it with quality, targeted traffic, but provide incentives better that many other competitors.

2. Amazon Associates uses a simple model.
You sign up with your Amazon account, specify your payment options and you’re set to go. You pick a product link or banners, native ads or mobile popover and embed into your website based on products you love to endorse. Site coding is minimal so the program is very easy to integrate into your web properties.

3. More incentives as your account performance improves.
While standard 4% commission is quite small compared to the percentage cut AdSense publishers get from every click generated by Google ads. However, we rarely see clicks worth beyond $10 or $50 anyway. Plus, as if to encourage you to create more content and generate more sales, Amazon also offers better commission rate once you reach target number of conversions.


4. Flexibility in entry and payment choices.

While other similar affiliate programs or other advertising networks has plenty of restrictions for entry (websites with minimal amount of traffic, websites about certain themes or come from specific countries) as well as payment options (only cheques, only when you reach $100, no PayPal option nor direct transfer to your account), Amazon Associates offers more options for publishers. Although payment option isn’t so favorable to those based outside the United States (bank charges on mailed cheques are still ridiculously high), I am happy to take Amazon gift certificate I can use as prizes on promotions I run on my other website.


5. It is an investment that yields good results over time.
Every time you create a blog entry or add a new product review, you invest time and effort to get that done. The return on investment may not arrive immediately but soon as you continue to nurture your investment, it will pay off at some point.

6. You get commission on every purchased product.
If someone clicks on the “What I am reading” book widget and goes to Amazon but ends up wandering around the website and discovers another, more expensive product and decides to buy it, you the Associate still gets a cut from that sale. And if this visitor ends up buying more products in that session, you’ll also get commission money for each of the product successfully bought. Even if some products pay very little commission, they all add up and once you focus more on developing new content with affiliate links and less on monitoring your earnings, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to be notified of an upcoming Amazon Associates payment soon.

7. More sales opportunities during holiday period.
Once you get hold of people’s buying behaviors, what they buy when or how they develop their purchase habits, you can determine what to post in a season and position your content on wher it is most relevant to get the attention of your desired visitors. For example, if you discover that one model of a kitchen equipment is not available in Hong Kong, you can justify making a purchase online (at, of course), along with its benefits, perhaps a video embed from YouTube and timing the post so it’s published a few weeks before Mother’s Day.

8. You promote wide array of products
Whether you promote a website about car accessories, kindergarten books, shoes or electronic gadgets, and many others, Amazon likely has those products so you don’t have to craft your website content based on a limited array of products to feature.

Not yet sure if this is for you? IĀ also cannot answer that question. The best way to find out is to try it out yourself. Once you signed up successfully, you don’t have to act immediately, create content and embed affiliate links. But if you have an active website, embed those links and banners right away to check your website’s earning performance.


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