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Bing Improves Search Share Very Slowly

Bing Improves Search Share Very Slowly

Based on data shared by Experian, Bing exhibited gains in search engine usage share recently. Bing-powered search improved its share to 28.99 per cent in four weeks ending August 27th from 28.05 per cent in July, representing a 3% improvement. Searches from also improved from 12.98 per cent to 13.10 per cent during the same period.

It has been reported that the volume of longer search queries — those that average between five to eight words — increased by 3 per cent. Perhaps more people realized that by using longer search queries, they feed Google with more specific queries and are provided with more accurate results.

To the Bing team, congratulations. Gains may be small, but definitely nothing to be sneezed at. But even with boatload of ads for quite some time, Microsoft’s latest search engine reincarnation fails to topple Yahoo! Search in the share wars.

Perhaps, branding and people’s lifestyles has done a big part on why search share hasn’t shifted big time towards Bing’s favor. Google has been able to position itself and created experience (voice, clean interface) for people to utilize it beyond traditional search avenues.

Also, Hitwise data may support a theory that people’s search habits (queries, tools, etc) hardly ever changes despite obvious attractions to try alternative engines. But improvement is improvement, and no matter how small it is, I am sure Bing will take it.


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