Bing Pays Digg to Let Users Try Its Search Engine

I find it interesting to find that Bing has been aggressive in inviting people to use its search engine. Or at least give it a try. One particular observation I saw was in Digg where it aims to help Diggers looking for restaurants find what they’re looking for.


When you click the sponsored entry, you’ll find yourself looking at the search result for the keyword “restaurants”. However, the search result does not provide me with the restaurants I am looking for. Anybody using a search engine would simply not use the very generic search phrase to accomplish my desire to find the right restaurant. I guess the one who benefits the Bing promotion over at Digg is which appears on top of the search result.


But more than just providing a plain bland search result, this Digg advertisement by Bing allows people to try and experiment on what the latest Microsoft search engine delivers. Looking at the options on the left (Italian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, etc) one realizes that Bing offers more than just search results, it also offers suggestions shown more prominently on search results. Hopefully this experiment ends up with a good choice of restaurant for a hot date.