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Bing TV Commercial: You’ll Love It More Than Google

Microsoft has released a commercial similar to that of Mac vs Windows Vista bashing game. This time, it’s that is touted as a better search engine than Google. How is better than Google? The answer, I suppose, lies on the quality of Google’s search engine results.

As stated by a college student featured in the commercial, a simple search for duran duran lyrics shows search results that aren’t worthwhile. Let’s take a look at the results out of my own Google search:


Yes indeed, the results appear like repetitive list of links that don’t seem to distinguish from the others. Wouldn’t it be nice that for queries like this, Google displays a list of Duran Duran’s songs, displayed like Google’s Sitelinks feature?

Perhaps that feature’s on deck for Google’s future enhancements. So I confirm that Google’s search result for duran duran lyrics leaves more to be desired. So let’s go to Bing and see how much different is the result, and whether they are worth visiting. The college gal says she isn’t sure if there’s anything worthwhile among Google’s results.


I don’t see much difference.

We may optimize titles, meta descriptions to display good quality search result snippets. But if the way they are presented within search results are the same as they are now, I don’t see any improvement in terms of user experience. In short, it’s more about presentation of results than quality/relevance of results.

Bing will reportedly launch in Asia later in the year so this result may not be the one US or Canadian users see. But as of now, I doubt if Bing will ever outshine Google in the search engine landscape.


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