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Building Link Popularity

I can’t remember how many times I did note that linking probably the most tedious, difficult and excruciatingly cumbersome thing to do. There are times when there seems to be no progress that will take place (can’t find the appropriate partner, a prospect’s demand is way too much, etc) but there are days when a linking exercise appear to leapfrog beyond expectations.

If we create articles that are interesting, people might place a link to us. We have to ensure also that our pages are promoted and not just publish and wait. This can be accomplished by doing a ping, submitting to a resource site or to press release sites. As a sign of goodwill gesture and acknowledgment of the one who provided a link to us, we can return the favor by making a related mention to that beautiful soul.

Anyway, before we can promote a site, we need to find ways of generating “killer” articles worthy of earning links from somebody. Here are some ideas you may have read elsewhere.

Here are the good.

Create interesting video
There are many types of videos we can create: how to prepare spicy fish head and bean thread soup, how to avoid carjacking or convert an online tutorial into video. Knowing that links can be embedded on videos, it’s up to our creativity to make them even more useful.

Create review articles
Post your evaluations about a service or product available to the masses. This article could be a resource for many folks who share the same passion as you.

Build an online resource
SEO tools, Firefox extension, WordPress or Blogger blog templates or something that you think will be useful to websites and their users.

Organize contents
Contests generate a lot of buzz when handled properly. Most obvious example are SEO contests. It does not require too much of investment in prizes as well.

Sponsor related events
Whether offline or online charity, contest or conference, your site usually gets link love from different sites.

Ride the 2.0 bandwagon and develop innovative site
It helped promote sites like StumbleUpon, Twitter and Wet Paint.

Share some link
I often check who is linking to my sites and return the favor without having to tell them. So it’s likely that a generous cyber citizen gets something in return for the nice unsolicited act of link placement.

Here are the bad.

Locate guestbooks and blogs
Look for all guestbooks and sign using your targeted keyword as name. Of course, don’t forget the link!

I agree. Me too!
Go to popular forums and post responses on topics you don’t even know. Keep repeating on “Yes, I agree”, “Thanks for the awesome post!” or “That’s cool” in a random fashion. You must have 10 links attached to your profile signature.

To complete the cast, here are the ugly.

Spam people in person
Inspired by Aaron’s great linking article, I choose not to make it too ugly. Right after asking a person’s name in a networking event, ask if he can place your link into the site whose URL appears in his business card. Then have a “it isn’t bad to ask for link in person” look in your face.

Request for link exchanges with search personalities
Send e-mail to Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Barry Schwartz or Jill Whalen and request for reciprocal link on their websites.


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