Buy PR7 Link from Google at $195 per month

Do you want to get a link from a Google page with PageRank value of 7? In that case, you don’t have to be upfront and tell Google you’d like to buy links.

What Google actually sells is the Google Search Appliance, a tool used to facilitate the search process within your private network, may it be an intranet, website or any secure search of documents, web pages, presentations and spreadsheets. The product has more features — in case you’re legitimately interested.

If you tell Google your success story, Google will be proud to show your appreciation of the product in a page that’s where the free link shows up.

However, this is probably Google’s way to thank its customers but since there was no such agreement that a link be placed upon purchase (plus a happy story to wit), the page could be taken down at any time. In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of a one-way inbound PR7 link from Google.

Google has been aggressive in its stance against paid links. In fact, a screen shot of search results for queries on “PR8” between mid November and yesterday showed a considerable absence of links promoting the paid links marketplace. Also, Matt Cutts just mentioned this in a recent blog entry together with the Google Webmaster Central blog.