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Can Someone Remind Gmail Offers Gigabytes Free Mail?

Random sweep of the Internet brought me to, an email service provider that I thought was closer to a business idea frozen in time rather than a premium email it claims to be. I thought with the introduction of Gmail’s 7.3 Gigabytes free email storage or Yahoo! Mail’s virtually unlimited storage shut down paid email account addresses for good. Whether is grossly abandoned by its caretakers or still makes business by accommodating people who don’t want to be associated with the Internet giants (and prefer to be with something synonymously enormous), such type of email service apparently still makes money.


By looking at the features, I see nothing special compared with other “freemium” offers by Google Mail, Yahoo! and even the often-criticized Hotmail email services. With emphasis on the 100MB mail space (note the two exclamation points) that will cost you a shade of US$4 a month, it seems attractive during the time when Gmail was open only by invitation, and when Hotmail offered ridiculously low 2.5 MB free mail space. But now it’s not. We’re not even getting a custom domain name for our email address and can only use Maybe nobody looks after the site anymore. I tried to register for the sake of verifying it is well-maintained and has “dedicated support” as it claims, but ended up in failure.

Indeed, once in a while, we stumble across websites that exist as if we’re in an era fearing the possible effects of the Y2K bug.


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