Finnair Twitter Ads: Language Matters

Twitter has now aggressively pursued Twitter users — at least in my experience as a user since April 2007 — to advertise businesses and display

Japan Quake, Tsunami and PR Disasters

The massive quake that shook Japan, along with the tsunami it generated, and the potential nuclear meltdown, has both devastated a significant portion of Land

How To Breakup With Twitter Followers

Breaking up is hard to do? Maybe not in Twitter where followers of an account can easily remove themselves from a boring, intrusive or irrelevant

11 Things I Hate About Twitter

1. People sending direct message (DM) after I follow them After I follow someone, I immediately get this direct message thanking me for following him

Twitter Notification Suggestion: Add Tweet Info

If you’re a Twitter user, you should be getting a notification whenever someone follows you (unless you remove this feature in its notifications settings page).