Bing Ads To Allow Bidding of Trademarked Keywords in Hong Kong, Other Markets

Bing will soon allow advertisers to bid on trademarked keywords, dropping an existing policy to bid on such terms globally, after implementing it in the

Understanding Google Fred Update

One of the things I noticed on one of the websites I managed was that its organic traffic has dropped significantly around the 8th of

Facebook Rewards Reactions More Than Likes

Facebook apparently thinks that people who react — love, haha, wow, sad or angry — are in a deeper level of engagement compared to the

How to Earn Money Using Facebook Live Ad Breaks Feature

Have you noticed Facebook is aggressively promoting its Live feature? When a Facebook contact goes Live, a notification shows up, unlike other post updates like

Google’s Shift to Mobile-First Indexing

It has been predicted over the last decade that usage of Google search will dramatically shift from desktop to mobile device. To adjust to these