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Check Google Analytics Code With SiteScan

If you are using Google Analytics and want to check if all pages are tagged with corresponding analytics tracking code, a free tool called SiteScan. What it does is it scans your site a la Xenu but goes deeper within each page’s source code and detect the occurrence (or absence) of Google Analytics code. The tool scans up to 25,000 pages of each site so if our sites don’t have as much pages as described, all our documents will be scanned.

All we have to do is to input the website URL and our e-mail address. Scanning takes time so it would be better to leave the process within the server and receive the results via e-mail notification. Reports show how much percentage of our sites have been tracked based on the total number of pages scanned. Reports are also available in detail in CSV format. A quick review of the report should tell us which pages aren’t tracked and, unless we deliberately leave their activities on their own, be able to find out quickly which pages weren’t tracked and be able to make quick fixes.


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