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Check Wikipedia Links to Our Sites

Wikipedia may have drawn the line between legitimate and illegitimate linking methods by placing nofollow directive on external links that exist within its pages, there’s no doubt Wikipedia still produces decent to massive amount of link referrals (depending on the prominence of the topic and its rank on search results for related search phrases).

Check Wikipedia Links to Our Sites

Thanks in part to its prominence in search rankings at Google, Wikipedia is still important to me despite of that nofollow tag, which allows it to retain its link popularity. Without the nofollow attribute within the hyperlink code, Wikipedia theoretically passes its “link juice” to pages it links to. But since it has been subject to sporadic to rampant link dropping abuse, Wikipedia is sort of “prompted” to enforce this thing.

Anyway, whether there’s nofollow or not, Wikipedia is still a great source of visitors to our site. This means having links to our sites embedded on some of Wikipedia articles means high potential windfall of visitors. But how do we check if our pages get some link love from Wikipedia (more appropriately the authors of Wikipedia articles)?

Typically we do a on search engines.

Wikipedia has a better tool than that. Its External Links tool is made specially to track which pages are linking to which website. All we have to do is input our website and Wikipedia returns the list of pages where such website link referral exist, if any.

This is a good tool to use not only to check whether any of our pages are ever listed in Wikipedia, but also whether our existing listings have been removed or increased in number. Try it today.

Special thanks to Tamar and Barry at SEO Roundtable.


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