Cheerful Achievement: Obama’s Googlebomb, Not in Yahoo!

Maybe we thought that Googlebomb isn’t happening anymore. But it still works.

Googlebombing is a process of a number of sites linking to one site with the same anchor text in order to raise its ranking for that phrase.

Remember the phrase “miserable failure” keyword that led searchers to the profile of former president George W Bush? Presidential candidate John McCain had one. Now, there is a new meaning for the newly installed president Barack Hussein Obama: cheerful achievement.

I hope that the new president associated with the Google Bomb anchor text will live up to the description.

Update: That Googlebomb is only good for, obviously, Google. When I tried the good old “miserable failure” query in Yahoo!, this screen shows.

George W Bush bio is still in the index so it shows in search results. But as he fades into oblivion from the bright lights of the Oval Office his name will not be in the first result. Instead the current #2 might ascend to the top. And that means in the eyes of Yahoo, Barack H Obama is judged as the most appropriate person with “miserable failure” quality. Let’s see how this progresses.