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China Search Engine Market Share: 1st Qtr 2009

It looks like Google has broken the 30% search engine market share in China. As reported by Analysys International via ChinaTechNews, Google has achieved a market share of 30.6%, a historic high for the search engine giant.

As expected, Baidu is still on top with 59% market share. This is slightly lower than its reported share by last quarter of 2007. By introducing the MP3 search service, Google somehow attracted a portion of Baidu’s loyal users, the Analysys report said.

I suppose if Google follows the same pattern and introduce services that Baidu us currently offering, it could sway the balance. And because it’s been observed that Google produces much better quality results than Baidu, I wonder if this is the winning formula to close the gap, or even start dominating. But it is much easier said than done. In Japan, Yahoo! continues to lead Google the last time I checked, and Baidu’s entry should make it more interesting.

Behind Baidu and Google, the fight is more for the scraps more than for dominance. Yahoo! China has a market share of 6%;, the search engine product of, gained market share of 0.8%; gained market share of 0.7%,, the search engine product of Tencent, gained market share of 0.7%, and gained market share of 0.4%.


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