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China Wants No Anonymous Bloggers

China, having the largest population in the world, will not only police its 1,306,313,812 citizens but also its 123 million plus Internet users. And in order to minimize the burden of looking after such a huge number of people, the Internet Society of China (ISC) recommends that bloggers need to register their full real name when they register their web logs or blogs. ISC is an organization composed of research companies, universities and individuals who are well-known in China’s Internet community.

It is widely known that China is notorious for censoring Internet content such as pornography and politically-sensitive sites, often disguising the blocking of these pages as a common error displayed when a page has internal server error. Many sites that normally display here in Hong Kong don’t appear in China.

“A real name system will be an unavoidable choice if China wants to standardize and develop its blog industry,” Internet Society secretary general Xinhua news agency. I think the statement contradicts the aim of standardizing and developing China’s blog industry. While I agree that to some extent, there should be a limit, such as age of bloggers, on engaging in this online activity. But how can a society develop its full potential if it is heavily guarded and its ideas are often suppressed whether it’s online or offline?

Perhaps China has another formula in developing its Internet industry: Don’t display the pages and people will crave for more.


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