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Citybus Hong Kong: Another Harmful Website

The Simpsons mania is in the air. After three years of wait since I confirmed the existence of the movie, I am just counting hours! The Simpsons has been my adopted cartoon family. And speaking of cartoon, it’s one of a kind. That’s because it appears to blend well with the real world. Created in a fictional town of Springfield, it created a survey among different Springfield locations for the right to be the official venue of the movie premier.

Not only that, selected 7-Eleven shops in America were converted to Kwik-E-Mart imitations, referring to the convenience store in the series managed by an Indian named Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Now, too much for story telling and let me get you straight about what happened to that title I created before I started to write about it.

I was desperately trying to book a ticket. But D’oh!!! Most of those movie houses feature the movie in Cantonese dubbing (courtesy of popular local actors) with Traditional Chinese subtitles. What the …

Good thing there’s still sanity left for me within the confines of Hong Kong cinemas. It’s not that English movie watchers prefer to download the movie and enjoy without the hurried act of running behind the show times or the boring act of waiting for the queue inside the maze. I am just glad to finally find an English version around town — in Cyberport. (Later there are more, I reckon. Impatience is pushing me to the limit.)

Cyberport is perpetually isolated from the rest of Hong Kong because there aren’t enough buses that serve the area (and surroundings). I know the “green” bus starts its journey at Quarry Bay which is accessible to me if I am coming out of my house. Another option is to find bus M49’s schedule so I can ensure I’ll not be left behind if I take the 10pm last full show. I searched for “bus 69 cyberport” and I can see Citybus website appearing on the third spot. But instead of clicking it, I decided not to, as the familar notice warning me that the site might harm my machine.

To make the story short, I tried to find out the last trip from M49 bus and ended up finding the route from the website of its legitimate owner, the New World First Bus instead of the supposedly infected Citybus website. There are Hong Kong sites that are infected with all sorts of malaise. Being clean doesn’t count as a good point in the eyes of search engines so by ranking high on search results, it does not guarantee that Google or Yahoo! is serving you pages you should click.

I ended up not taking the tickets to Cyberport, no thanks in part to that Citybus website (see graphic above). I will explore a movie house in Yau Ma Tei instead.


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