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Common Pay Per Click Myths

You will see immediate results
Because paid search is almost always compared to its cousin organic search, the distinction cannot be ignored: paid search delivers immediate results much faster than organic search does. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. You can’t get immediate results just because you have done keyword research, developing ad copies, making bids and activating your campaign.

In reality, paid search campaigns are somewhat similar to organic search such that it takes time too. We need to carry out adjustments in bids, keyword refining and adjustments to ad copies and landing pages based on results of our initial campaign setup and not just by sheer intuition. We can then identify which keywords or ad groups yielded better conversion and so we make an effort to get as much traffic to them as possible.

You need to be #1
Again a comparison between organic and paid search. Number one rankings in organic search yields unmatched traffic volume at no cost. We can’t apply the same thing unless we have enough money to burn because remember, paid search requires budget for every click, and higher ranked ads require (among others) big amounts of money. Even then, it is not an efficient way to run an ad campaign.

Instead of looking at top rankings for paid search campaigns, let’s concentrate on whether the overall strategy has brought us better Return on Investment.

Just work on keywords provided by search engines
why make elaborate keyword research if search engines can provide us with a list? After all they know which keywords yielded huge traffic, right? Yes this is correct, but this can’t limit us to explore more keywords that may not be covered by the list search engines provide. Each search engine marketing campaign is unique and that requires more customization in terms of keywords, bidding strategies and target audience.

Do not use Content Targeting/Network
There are sad stories about Content Networks that provide so much traffic but with less quality. But it’s not that we can’t do anything about it. In Google for example, we can use Placement Tool to target our ads or Site Exclusion Tool and IP address exclusion (see image). In Yahoo, we can specify domains to block under Administration > Accounts menu.

Having paid search influences organic keyword rankings
It is wrong to think that having PPC campaigns will help organic rankings improve. PPC and organic search results are independent.


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