Competitor Analysis Using

One of the important elements in optimizing a website is to do a competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is the process of identifying a business competitor or competitor online, determine strengths and weaknesses and make use of them to improve our website.

In this post, I will describe how we can make use of the free service of As its name implies, Compete is used to check competing websites and compare them on various areas such as top referral sites, top keywords, unique visitors and its change on a yearly and monthly basis.

Using and as examples of sites to compare, we can see which site performs better on traffic plotted by time. But also, we know a bit more about what drives traffic to them.

We can check out the keywords that are most used by visitors to reach Peninsula and Shangri-la’s site. Note that top keyword referrers are brand terms. That’s usually the case because with these brand terms, there are fewer competing websites than with those generic terms.


Visits display the number of visits over a period of time. It’s interesting that during the time when was revamped, its visitors have trumped that of Shangri-la. But the latter made a comeback, topped the former, and it has been a dogfight ever since.


Referral Sites
Referral sites help identify which websites deliver the most referral traffic to a website. By knowing a competitor’s top traffic referrals we can explore if our website can also get some traffic from these sites through content partnerships.


Please note that does not provide accurate reports as its source of information is more tilted towards the United States (a toolbar, ISP data, and panel) data. However, since we are merely comparing two or more websites, the data for these numbers should be used for comparison and not necessarily as reference. goes with free (limited) and Pro (complete) accounts, but it’s good to test it first before making financial commitment.