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Customizing Google Analytics

A day after I blogged about my Google Analytics wishlist, I read a Google Analytics statement about its Partner Provided Support. As it acknowledges the limitation of its products, Google has commissioned third-party companies from more than 20 countries to customized Google Analytics for clients who want to alter their web analytics reports or have questions regarding report details they see.

Yesterday’s post inviting companies to be partners in its program. Services provided by these partners include the following:

  • a la carte incident consultation
  • Phone and internet-chat support
  • General or customized Installation and configuration
  • eport data analysis
  • Personalized training
  • Walk through of Urchin reports
  • Custom scripting
  • Custom report templating
  • Custom log file configuration
  • Custom architecture integration

I think I can handle some of the items. I just hope that the perpetually conservative online marketing executives in Hong Kong go out of their shells and start opening to new technologies to spur growth it its online marketing activities.


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