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DMOZ Blog Launched

I wrote about Open Directory Project (DMOZ) as a troubled directory with rogue editors extorting money on web site owners so their sites continue to get listed.

Probably sick and tired of reading the negative comments, DMOZ launched its blog to showcase its capabilities, and let the public know what the folks behind Open Directory Project are up to. Its launching attempts to quash the thoughts that it’s dead and unable to carry on its tasks.

According to Bob Keating, DMOZ Staff Managing Editor:

The editor community is very much alive and thriving. Thousands of new sites are added and updated every week, and we continue to receive hundreds of editor applications and suggested sites every day.

This is a good news at least to those who still hope their sites are going to end up listed in their designated directories.

The DMOZ Blog was established to fulfill the following:

  • Provide authentic messages about DMOZ and the efforts of our volunteer community.
  • Highlight enhancements, both current and future.
  • Allow editors to showcase their categories and describe, in their own words, why DMOZ is so important.
  • Recruit new editors. If you have access to the Web and are passionate about a category, find out how to apply.

Keating wants to know what we think needs to be fixed, added or removed within the existing DMOZ framework.

What do you think about DMOZ? Why do you use the directory or data? Is there something you would like to see fixed? When you’ve been around as long as we have, some people are bound to have great things to say, while others might have a few choice words based on their personal experience. Either way, we want to hear it 🙂

The plan is to have a weekly posts so we have something to look forward to regarding Open Directory activities.

I hope this one generates positive feedback.


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  • seo newbie on Oct 08, 2007 Reply

    well that's good to hear. well, get one's website listed in DMOZ is just too long. I've heard, one year there is still no reply for a website to get listed. I don't know why have to wait so long and in fact if they launched a blog is a good start – to increase its visibilities of their progress.

  • Elmer Cagape on Sep 27, 2007 Reply


    Just because Jeremy Schoemaker's blog says you have to assume his entries are lies in his disclaimer does not prove that this is a link-bait exercise.

    There is an ODP listing. You gotta follow the link within the link below.

  • dave on Sep 27, 2007 Reply

    You gotta stop repeating that bogus "extortion" claim. The story was already debunked as pure link-bait many weeks ago.

    There was no listing in ODP to remove, and therefore no extortion that could have been attempted.

    See for the gory details.

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